Intersense IS-900 SimTracker System

Intersense IS-900 SimTracker System

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Intersense IS-900 SimTracker Wired Tracking System

It includes:
- (1) IS-900 SimTracker Processor Package
- (1) IS-900 MicroTrax Head Tracker System
- (1) IS-900 MicroTrax Wand Tracker Package
- Package of (4) 6-foot SoniStrips

Precision 6-DOF wide area tracking for immersive displays, simulation & training, cockpit simulators, augmented & mixed reality, virtual prototyping and film/video production. Options include wireless, high precision and lightweight tracking sensors. Supports a standard I2C bus allowing custom button, indicator, or analog interfaces for OEM applications.

The IS-900 product family, based on patented Constellation™ technology, delivers extremely precise and accurate wide area, interference free head, hand and object tracking for the most demanding immersive 3D applications. From CAVEs™, PowerWalls™ and ImmersaDesks™, to rooms, buildings and simulators, the IS-900 product line offers the ideal, precision motion tracking solution for your specific application.

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