An innovative system that allows you to realize an hologram, a three-dimensional representation of the object displayed

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With HoloTwo it is possible to recreate a real-time hologram of a person in a virtual set and projecting it anywhere in the world, a concert, a meeting, a trade show: NO LIMITS communication

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Through headlights appropriately calibrated and calibrated you can make any physical object visible in 3D autostereoscopic with an effect of leakage of the object itself really incredible

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The technology built into HOLOFOUR integrates the latest generation of holographic screens that create a 3D animation allowing you to rotate around the object and view it simultaneously from 3 points of view, frontal and 2 sides.

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HOLOFIVE holographic telepresence allows you to recreate the presence of a person sitting in the middle of the room or at the same table and in real size.

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