There are many methods to obtain a stereoscopic effect, but in almost all cases need always two images to unite with various techniques. What we see with our eyes a scene with depth rather than flat as on a screen derives from the fact that the eyes can see the same scene from two different positions, the brain combines these two images and shall draw up the depth.
Simply, superimposing the two images, if an object is in the same position in both images MEANS THAT THE OBJECT IS FAR, more an object is away in the two images more is near, this is because, for example, if photographed a landscape, you move of a meter and the photographed again, after superimposed images, you will notice that the objects in the distance will be unchanged in the position, while the objects close, which first appeared in the right of image now displayed on the left. For this an object more moves in the two images more is near, and this allows you to create a vision with depth.

Autostereoscopic Display.

Display autostereoscopici, the name says, are display that reconstruct stereoscopic vision without the need for any glasses.
The interesting thing is that these display, typically of LCD type, can work mode is 3d 2d.
In practice imagine to be analysed a project, of any nature and to activate a perfect vision 3d directly watching the monitor, without the aid (and the size) of any type of glasses.

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