The need to recreate a working environment that permits through a stereoscopic projection display the more realistic possible of the project which is working, allows to reduce the time of design and through the virtual simulation to skip some passages physical.
The analysis of a project in all its stages shows, even in scale, the mathematical and reliefs of the model.
Every space must be managed not only in terms of the right solution projection/screen but also lighting, FURNITURE play an important role in a project to create their own time cognitive and emotional.
These possible solutions : stereoscopic projector on a big screen, projection on multiple displays, cave sistems, cylindrical projection with configuration, System immersive ON spherical cover customised solutions on specific customer requirements.

Active stereoscopy systems.
The filter which separates the right image from the left image is applied by wearing special glasses which incorporate LCD shutters piloted via an IR interface and synchronised with the projector.
When the projector displays the left image, the right shutter is closed and vice versa.

Systems with Infitec technology
Infitec is the state-of-.the-art stereoscopic viewing technology. It enables better separation of the stereo channels, increasing the viewer’s freedom of movement. An optic filter is installed inside the projectors, separating the spectrum of colour into two parts: one for each eye.
Lastly, Infitec-compatible glasses are worn to achieve perfect filtering between the image for the right eye and the image for the left eye.

Passive stereoscopy systems.
These systems are based on the light polarisation principle. The viewer wears a pair of glasses containing two filters with opposite polarisation, one for the left and one for the right. The projectors contain a polarising filter and the polarised image for the right eye is filtered by the glasses, making it possible to see through the right lens only. The same thing happens for the left image.

The autostereoscopy consists of a recovery and subsequent refund carried out in analogy to the system human binocular. Starting from a realization of two different images from two different points of view Room but on the same axis and properly have only distanced ourselves, and them correctly each image for both eyes without the use of any glasses.In this way, it is able to detect depth and volume thanks to contemporary vision of the two images and synchronize our brains reconstructing a 3d image.

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