HMD - Data Gloves and Tracking System

The world of virtual reality allows to create a digital environment in which the user has the possibility of moving in real time in a three-dimensional area, interacting directly with it through device which like virtual virtual gloves, tracking systems for the recognition of the movements. This three-dimensional world may be the model geometric inherent to the architectural, design rather than the aerospace, automobile, medical, means/GIS, Enterteiment.
Travel in real time means the user not passively follows a path or movement in space default, but has decided as follows through on its actions where to look, where to go, what behaviours activate.
The computer calculates in real time data on the processing of the geometry and the coordinates of the textures that have been applied, according to the changes of perspective and movements made by the user.
The operation of base (navigation in real time) may then added a series of interactive behaviour for access to different levels and types of content.



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