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Vizard Virtual Reality Toolkit is everything you need to build interactive 3D content. Designed for rapid prototyping, Vizard gets you creating fast and provides the resources to deploy even the most challenging applications. With Vizard, even someone with no programming experience can leap into the world of interactive 3D content.

Performance Kept Simply
Vizard abstracts the field of 3D computer graphics and places it in your hands through a simple scripting language called Python. You’ll quickly see how powerful this interface between technologies is and what it enables you to build very quickly.

Try Vizard and discover how to:

Build worlds instantly 
Complete large projects quickly 
Import 3D and multimedia resources 
Directly connect to VR hardware 
Populate worlds with built-in avatars 
Leverage the power & simplicity of Python 
Free API to create custom effects 
Control for precise realtime projects

Reap benefits of 10 yr old user community

Immersive Virtual Reality
Vizard is guaranteed to support all head-mounted displays, LCD shutter glasses, and several other specialty display technologies such as dome projectors and autostereoscopes. Most commercially available tracking devices are supported in Vizard. Vizard also supports numerous other devices such as gloves, haptic displays, force-feedback systems, and simple Microsoft DirectInputTM compatible gamepads and joysticks. There is even built-in support for high-quality 3D sound and multi-user networking. VRML and other 3D formats are supported to provide you with immediate access to large 3D databases.

Connect to Hardware
Vizard supports stereoscopic head-mounted displays, 3D sound and many peripheral input devices, including head trackers and game pads. Distributed, networked environments are also supported.
VRML and other 3D formats provide immediate access to large 3D databases. The open-source language Python is free and has an active user community providing a wealth of resources for applications.

Royalty Free Executables
Vizard allows you to build applications as executables. Those applications can be distributed without royalties. This allows to share and sell applications made with Vizard, and let anyone run them without installing Vizard. Vizard Enterprise and a valid Silver or Gold Support Contract are required for commercial use and sale of the executables.

CAVE / Cluster Support
Let Vizard handle all the low-level details of running a single simulation across multiple machines. Vizard will keep your scenegraph, animations, head tracking, model/view matrices, and more all in sync with single-frame accuracy, including swap-barrier support for ensuring that all nodes run at the exact same graphics update rate.

Avatars Included
Built-in human face and body models and an accompanying morph designer offer a powerful tool to almost instantly insert virtual humans into existing environments. The high-level morph controller handles blending of complex facial expressions, adding life to your virtual humans. With our efficiently designed avatar meshes and animations engine, adding hundreds of humans to your environment is possible. For custom bodies, 3DMax Character Studio bipeds can be imported into Vizard. WorldViz also provides a large selection of additional high quality avatars that are available for purchase.

Solid Workflow

Vizard is based on a create and experience work flow. Python works like an interpreted language, which means you can make a change to your world and then instantly see the effect because you never need to recompile.

Vizard imports industry standard 3D model formats ('WRL', 'OSG', '3DS', 'OBJ', 'FLT', 'TXP', 'GEO', 'BSP', 'MD2', 'AC', 'LWO', 'PFB') as well as most standard image formats ('JPG', 'BMP', 'TIF', 'GIF', 'PNG', 'RGB', 'RGBA', 'DDS', 'PIC’, ‘JP2’, ‘PNM’,’TGA’) letting you immediately leverage existing content or easily import new. A 3D Studio Max exporter is available for tailoring visual quality to your needs.

Collaboration and sharing is simple with Vizard since projects consist of Python-based scripts and your digital media assets. For those familiar with OpenGL, you’ll be pleased to see how easily we’ve given you access to it’s most powerful features. For those not familiar with OpenGL, trust in Vizard’s highly efficient render engine and extensive built-in optimizations to keep your worlds running fast.

Free Plug-In API
The free Vizard API provides an open plug-in architecture for accessing peripherals and calling user defined drawing routines (OpenSceneGraph based). The API, available in the development and enterprise editions, offers unlimited extensibility while maintaining high system reliability. Source code is available free of charge for most included plug-ins.


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